Organic SEO

Organic SEO Vs PPC

Organic SEO :

In organic search engine optimization, website owner or webmasters spend time and effort to get listed on top in major search engines. But natural optimization is much better than PPC campaign. It costs nothing. Only we spend time, follow the guidelines of search engines, and search some good websites to increase the backlinks of our website. We need also fresh content for our website pages means no duplicate or copied content. Long term market strategy is organic search engine optimization not PPC. Website owner always focus on nature search not PPC.

Advantages of Organic Search Engine Optimization :

1. Not require permanent investment in PPC campaign.
2. Organic search engine optimization delivers result for long time.
3. The traffic comes through organic search engine results is free and we can utilize the money in our other project without investing money in PPC campaign.


It is time saving process and provides immediate results and very useful for the new business. Google and other search engines takes some times to crawl a new website. So it is better to get listed on top in sponsored ads in the search engines like google, yahoo and msn and other popular search engines. It needs good keyword selection to convert visitors into business and attractive content. It is the temporary solution to get traffic on the website. If you have money then you run PPC campaign else not.

We have lots of option to increase traffic and get good position in search engines. We have plenty of free articles directories, blogs. We could use these options to increase the backlinks of our websites. It takes time but only organic seo is the solution not PPC.

Advantages of PPC Campaign :

1. Instant result in business.
2. We can stop our PPC campaign any time.
3. We use any keyword to list our website.
4. We can send visitors to any landing page.
5. Perfect for time limited scheme.
6. It works with not well designed websites or whose ranking is low in search engines.