On-Page SEO

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking?

SEO is a buzzword in the world of Internet. Everyone is trying to master the skill and get the first page position on the search engine results. Many websites and article directories contain tons of pages stating the correct ways of achieving search engine optimization. They guarantee that following their tips or guidelines will surely make your site appear in first page of Google search. However, not all these pages contain valid and usable information and it is not a matter of just one day or few hours to get into the best position in search results. It surely requires continuous efforts for some consecutive days to reach the best position or we can say desired position.

Here are few things, again we don’t claim, these are ALL the things, required for better SEO. These surely work as far as our experience is concerned. Paying attention to following things will surely help to improve the search engine ranking for your website.

  • Content – Content is the main thing in any website. We can easily say that great and original content is everything required for SEO. It is like a property with a very high value. The more good is your content, the better are the possibilities for good page ranks in search engine results. You must put new and fresh content after a regular interval on your website. Latest updates in content are also required for better SEO.
  • Keywords – As stated in above paragraph, content is the main requirement for SEO. But whole content can not be used for optimization, you must select some important words or phrases which best describe your product or service you are offering from your website. Those important words are also called as keywords. Finding these keywords in the written content or conversely, developing content around keywords is more important task. These keywords can be put in “bold” case so that they can be prominently seen on the page by the search engine.
  • Density of Keywords – Number of keywords appearing on a single page is also one of the factors that is considered by search engine. This is because, if somebody has written only keywords in bold case hundred times, then the content is surely useless and adds no value. So three to four keywords per page is considered as ideal density by the content developers as well as search engines too.